What Are the Best Health Care Systems in the World?

Health care reform is on everyone’s mind these days. New proposals  are coming from the Senate and from the House. President Obama has made  reform a priority.

Universality of access to health insurance is the most pressing issue. Universal health care simply means coverage for all eligible residents of a political area. The United States is the only industrialized country that has not implemented a universal system for citizens under age 65.

Universal health care can be implemented in several ways. In some countries the government directly manages the health care system. This is usually called socialized medicine. In most countries universal coverage is achieved by a mix of public and private funding. Taxation is the primary source of funding but is supplemented by private payor arrangements.

In 2000 the World Health Organization (WHO) produced a report which ranked all the health insurance systems used by its member countries. The is the report usually quoted when discussing both the good and bad features of a health insurance system.

It should be noted that the WHO has indicated it will no longer produce a ranking table because of the complexity of the task. The criteria for ranking the health care systems was based on a wide variety of findings, including but not limited to, life expectancy, infant mortality and cost.

Many people know that the United States ranked 37th out of 198 countries and that Canada ranked 30th. But do you know what the top 10 best health care system in the world are?

The top 10 in the order determined by the World Health Organization

1. France

2. Italy

3. San Marino

4. Andorra

5. Malta

6. Singapore

7. Spain

8. Oman

9. Austria

10. Japan

When the United Nations was formed in 1945 one of the entities that the delegates discussed was setting up an organization to monitor and assess global health trends. The World Health Organization (the WHO) came into being on April 7,1948. World Health Day is celebrated every year on that date in recognition of the WHO.

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. All countries which are Members of the United Nations may become members of the WHO by accepting its Constitution which currently has 198 participating nations.

Are Affordable Health Care Services a Reality?

You might be wondering if affordable health insurance services are just a fable or whether they are actually available. Most people know about the increasing medical treatment costs, but the sad fact is that few can take any concrete steps to address their health insurance problems. The prices of essential commodities have risen like never before and most people spend their entire monthly earning on the same, leaving them with hardly any balance to foot their health insurance premiums. It is in such situations that organizations like Premier Health Care come to the fore.

With such organization by your side, you need not worry about the future of your health and also do not have to bother about your medical expenses if and when any ailment strikes you. While people do not think twice before spending money on other things, they ponder and take time to decide about opting in for health insurance plans for themselves. However, one cannot blame such persons. The costs of health care insurance have escalated in the recent past without offering sufficient coverage.

Read the fine print of most health care insurance organizations and you will find that there are many hidden clauses that end up making you the loser in many circumstances. Is this what health care insurance all about? When you are paying a decent sum of money, you should expect a decent policy that covers all, if not most, of your health related issues. Sadly, most agencies do not bother to thing about your health. They are too busy earning money by selling you health insurance plans that are of no use to you when you require it the most. However, this is not the case with certain affordable health care services like Premier.